Window Washing



  Residential exterior Window Cleaning - (100% "Pure Water")

   Abe's Mobile Wash, understands that window cleaning takes 
 time out of your day and can be dangerous especially if using a
 ladder to reach high or inaccessible windows. But, sometimes
 there is nothing better than a clean window and the huge
 difference it makes in the way you see things.

  By having Abe's Mobile Wash,
 clean your windows you can 
 pass the dirty work to us. We take great pride and care in our 
 work year round. Whether it is spring or fall cleaning, one time
 or a regular maintenance cleaning, your exterior windows will
 look amazing. Your exterior windows, frames and sills will be
 cleaned using "pure water" and "waterfed pole". *see below.
 The screens must be removed by the customer on exterior only
 cleanings and will be thoroughly hand washed and rinsed for

replacement at the customers convenience. 

    Customers that wish to have their windows cleaned on a  maintenance schedule will receive a discount on their window  cleaning services after their first clean.

   At  Abe's Mobile Wash,
  "Pure Water" and "Water Fed Pole" is  used to clean your exterior windows. This system takes ordinary  tap water, removes the contaminants and purifies it to make it  100% pure. This pure water becomes an aggressive cleaning  agent  by bonding with minerals, dirt and organic material.  After being  purified, the water is transferred by hose attached  to a carbon  fiber pole that can reach up to three stories. The  nylon or hogs  hair brush attached to the end of the pole has  water jets that  agitate and loosen dirt on windows and frames.  It then dries  without any mineral deposits, streaks or spots on  your windows.  This process leaves windows absolutely  "spotless" while helping  in staying clean longer.


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