Concrete Restoration

           Extend the life of your concrete floor with a beautiful 
 concrete surface transformation. Decorative acid stains and
 dyes are just a few options.

    Concrete Polishing

    Creating decorative enhancement to an existing concrete
 surface is economical environmentally friendly, energy efficient
 non- toxic and never has to be replaced.

   Concrete Staining & Sealing

     Multiple applications of concrete stain can intensify colors 
  providing a variety of flooring options 


     Elements in the environment can cause significant aesthetic 
  and structural damage to buildings and concrete . Taking
  preventive measures can greatly reduce structural
 deterioration caused by exposure to both natural and man-
  made hazards.
   Resinous floor coatings

     Resinous floor coatings are designed to protect the existing
 concrete and provide decorative enhancement.




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