House & Building Washing
                        ("Soft-Washing" - using low pressure)

    As a homeowner, I understand that your home is easily one of   your largest investments and keeping the appearance and   cleanliness of your home's exterior can be time consuming and  sometimes dangerous. That is why Abe's Mobile Wash,   provides exterior cleaning services that can restore your  home's exterior back to it's original beauty and curb appeal  while also instantly increasing the value of your home. 

      House  Soft Washing, is  just one of the exterior services
 that we  offer and is by far my most popular service and one of 
 the most  important.

  Over time, the exterior surfaces (vinyl, dryvit, hardiboard,
 wood, brick or white stone) of your home can accumulate mold,  algae, mildew, dirt, pollen and other pollutants that can  negatively  impact your home's beauty, value and also present  health  hazards to your family and pets.

  The cleaning process that we use to clean your home is referred  to as "Soft-Washing" which is a cleaning process that utilizes  low  pressure to deliver a customized cleaning solution which is  specifically blended to meet the cleaning needs of the  particular surface being cleaned. It differs from pressure  washing in that the cleaning solution is applied at low pressure  which will not  damage or harm the exterior surfaces of your  home. Our low pressure House Wash / Soft-Wash will ensure  that the cleanliness and luster of your home's exterior is restored  safely without damage to your home. It is the safest and most  effective  way to clean your home and protect your investment.  
      Let me  help you meet all your exterior cleaning needs!  

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                                      House Washing Prices

                                                1-Story            2-Story            
 1000 sq.ft- 1600 sq.ft       $ 225.00*      $ 325.00*            
 1600 sq.ft- 2000 sq.ft       $ 275.00*      $ 335.00*           
 2000 sq.ft- 2600 sq.ft      $ 325.00*      $ 425.00*           
 2600 sq.ft- 3000 sq.ft      $ 375.00*      $ 475.00*           
 3000 sq.ft- 4000 sq.ft      $ 425.00*     $ 575.00*

      House washing consist of application of house wash solution  and cleaning all eaves, facias, gables, exterior of gutters vinyl  siding, harde panel, brick, stone

  * Additional cost for larger homes and excessive contaminants

                Partial house washing is also available!!!!!!

  We can clean the following materials:

  * Hardboard Composite ( Harde board/ Plank) * Vinyl Siding       * Wood Siding * Aluminum Siding * Stucco* Metal Siding       
  * Fiberglass Siding * Brick or Vaneer Siding 
  * Texas White Stone Siding  * Cement Fiber Siding


  All of our work is guaranteed to your satisfaction!!!

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