Interior/ Exterior Painting


                 Residential & Commercial Painting 

 AMW Painting, is now offering Residential and Commercial   painting in  the Belton area and it's surrounding communities.   We offer both Interior and Exterior painting that beautifies   your home and business, while increasing the value at a price   you can afford.
 When you deal with AMW Painting, you benefit from a small   company that always has the owner on site at every job.   Because his name and reputation are on the line, he makes sure   everything is done to a high standard, whether it's interior or   exterior painting or power washing.

 We are committed to cleanliness. Everything that is not to be   painted is covered for protection, both inside and outside of   your house or business. You never have to worry about cleaning   up behind us. 

 The application of a coat or two of paint to the inside or outside   of your home or business is a great way to increase the value   without spending a lot of money. Turn to AMW Painting in   Belton, TX, for interior and exterior painting and pressure   washing.

 Interior Painting
 Choose us for your Residential and Commercial painting needs.   Our crew is more than capable of handling any challenge from     an entire house to the outside of your business.

 Interior Painting Practices:
      • Free Estimates
      • Fill in all nail holes and repair small holes on sheetrock
      • We cover everything before we start to paint
      • Scrape and sand areas before painting
  • Caulking and Painting
  Exterior Painting:
 Nothing makes a house or a business easier to sell than a fresh   paint job. In addition to painting, AMW Painting stains decks   and handles minor drywall repairs.

 Exterior Painting Practices
  • Pressure Washing
  • Carpentry Repairs
  • Scrape and Prime Where Needed
  • Caulking and Painting
  • Free Estimates


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