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      Have you ever taken your vehicle to a car wash or
 detail shop only to be disappointed with the results? Well
 Abe's Mobile Wash has been providing the very best in 
 Mobile Detailing Services since 1996. Our services are
 are based on your needs and our focus is your complete
 satisfaction. So call us today and schedule your 
 appointment and let us come to while you focus on doing
 other things!!

   Our services include:

    Deluxe wash:

     Hand wash, chamois dry, air blow crevices and 
 around all rubber molding. Clean your wheel wells, rims
 and tires. Apply a tire shine and dress all of your exterior
 rubber molding. Vacuum complete interior to include
 doors, center console, dash,AC vents, under and in
 between your seats. Apply a leather cleaner and
 conditioner all of your interior leather, vinyl or 
 rubber accessories. Apply a spritz wax to remove all 
 water residue in your vehicle paint. Clean your windows!

   Cars/ Sm. Trks: $ 39.95*  Trks/Med. SUV's: 49.95*

        Lrg. Trks, SUV's and Suburbans: $ 59.95*
   Express Detail:
    Includes Deluxe Wash plus application of a carnauba
 wax, shampoo all floor mats and apply Rain X to all  
 exterior windows!

 Cars/ Sm.Trks: $69.95*  Trks/Med. SUV's: $79.95*

           Lrg.Trks, SUV's and Suburbans:  $ 89.95*

   Complete Detail:

   Includes Express Detail plus complete shampoo of 
 interior (Seats, Carpets, Mats, Headliner and Trunk)
 apply a deep cleaning of your vehicle paint by utilizing a
 clay bar and then following up with an acrylic wax that 
 will leave your vehicle showroom prefect!!

 Cars/ Sm.Trks:$ 150.00*  Trucks/Med. SUV's: $ 175.00*                 
       Lrg. Trks, SUV's and Suburbans: $ 225.00*

        * Additional cost for excessive dirty vehicles
                            interior and exterior.

  Additional Services:

  Steam clean of mats and interior carpets
  Polish chrome and rims
  Headlight Restoration
  Paint correction
  Black bumper restoration
  RV wash and wax
  Under boat hull cleaning (Mussel removal)
  Fleet washing  (5 vehicles or more)
  Boat washing and waxing (Interior Cleaning)

  All services are rendered by appointment only!!

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