Wood Fence & Deck Restoration

When you purchase a home weather old or new, some come  with a wood fence and some come with both a wood fence and a  wood deck. As a homeowner you want to make sure that both  look good and last as long as you plan on having your home.  We'll, Abe's Wood Fence & Deck Restoration, wants to make 

 and decks 
 we arrive at your  Home or Commercial site, you will know
 yard (our job site) clean, clutter free and clear of debris during and after completion. Let us repair or stain your deck or  fence…you will be happy you  did!
 At Abe's Wood Fence & Deck Restoration, we know that living in
 repair needs.
 * Wood is loosing it texture

         Wood Fence & Deck Staining
      Every year home owners across the country spend countless  amounts of money on wood privacy fences. The fences help to  shade the backyard, offer a certain amount of security, keep pets  and children contained, and give the home owner privacy while  in their back yard. With the rising cost of lumber it makes good    sense to protect this valuable investment. Wood Defender®   Fence and Deck stains work to beautify, protect and preserve the  wood. They keep the look of the fence aesthetically pleasing  while saving the home owner the money and aggravation of  replacing  the fence every 5-7 years.

  Wood Defender® Deck Stains are designed specifically for  application on decks. Most competitor's products are universal,  being used for both fences and decks.   A  universal product  commonly lacks specific criteria for its intended purpose. Wood  Defender stains help to beautify outdoor decks, playground  equipment, and contact type  structures. The unique formula  highlights and reveals all of the  existing wood grain. 



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